What does it mean, what does it say of our age
To witness what’s happened in the US of A;
It’s a world gone mad, it’s all a hideous joke
When the 45th President is a big orange bloke.

Trump you say, he’s the man off TV
He can’t be the President, no no, it cannot be;
He does the Apprentice, he owns Trump Tower
And you can Google nude photos of his wife in the shower.

Was there not an election, did the people not vote?
I mean politicians are bad but this man is a stoat;
He has a fake tan, he makes it all up
He builds flats for a living, so is definitely corrupt.

They say it was Russia who meddled about
The blogs they did whisper, the media did shout;
A little hack here, a little hack there
Putin I hear had a thing for Trump’s hair.

He’s upset all the Muslims, a questionable shout
He says they’re not welcome, he wants them all out;
And so Congress must vote, yet it’s a vote to be missed
For if you want to fight, best pick a fight with the Swiss.

And China too they’re a little bit miffed,
Their lips a bit sweaty and their backs a bit stiff;
For Trump phoned them up, he phoned up President Xi
And said “stop your fooling about in the South China sea.”

Build a wall he said, a wall twenty foot tall
So big the Mexicans will feel so very small;
They’ll pay he said, they will do as I say,
And if they don’t pay I’ll tweet that their President’s gay.

And we’re in trouble, the special relationship blown
Nigel Farage went to see him, and he went all on his own;
He grinned and he gurned and he promised Trump’s team
They could all come to London and have tea with the Queen!

God help us all.



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