Did you see the news delivered by Huw
We’re out you know, no more EU!
Sunderland spoke, now you better sit;
you’re not going to like it, not one little bit.

The French are mad and they will make us pay
“Putain” they yell, as they bicker and bray
What they plan to do will make you wheeze;
they’ve just doubled the price of your favourite cheese.

The Germans stare with steely gaze,
They say it’s nothing more than a childish phase
With buttocks in beamers, there’s no sign of rancour;
And for some strange reason, they want all our bankers.

Let’s hope they go, with their wet lipped greed
To sow their oats and immoral seed,
Frankfurt beckons, yet too soon they’ll rue;
When they realise at night, there is nothing to do.

And what of Italy, what is the mood,
Have they taken their eyes off their plate of food,
Do they care at all, have they time to bother
Or are they all too busy arguing with each other.

There’s no work in Spain so there’s nothing to do,
Since pop went the bubble of the housing boom.
And so the Brexit result could get the youth on their feet
But it came in after lunch so they were all fast asleep

It’s easy to fret what the future might hold,
Especially as Gordon Brown sold all of our gold,
It’s ok you cry, there is no more Farage,
Be careful people, he’s left Boris in charge.

Now I don’t know if its good, I don’t know if its bad
But the Brexit result makes me a little bit sad
For now every border we cross, we’ll be stuffed in a queue
With ghastly Americans saying… “Don’t I know you…?”

Enough of the politics, push it all to one side,
Great Britain is great, of that we have pride,
The Euros can prickle and come over all mean,
But they don’t have our bitter, and they don’t have our Queen.


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