There is a lot we don’t know. Some things we chose not to know, but most of it is on account of a lethal cocktail of ignorance and idleness. There is a lot of things we should know, but don’t, which is awkward when people talk about it or if you are caught with your intellectual undies down in a game of Trivial Pursuit. So, herewith a blog, a lavish and loose-lipped romp through all the stuff we may or may not know already, stuff which is largely irrelevant to everyday life but which remains part of the rich fabric of a world, we all know so little about.

This blog is set out to be a series of articles exploring the vast vaults of Wikipedia and other such sites. The only rule is that the articles are linked. There has to be some sort a connection from one to the next. A link. A reference or comment that is likely to lead to an obscure and tenuous journey of intellectual self-discovery. The information, as a result, might also be factually incorrect.

Coryndon Hepburn is a middle-aged man.




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